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Amptweaker Pedals


The idea for the BluesFuzz came from a NAMM tweak session to finalize the TightFuzz.  We had some lower output germanium transistors that sounded great for blues, but players preferred the higher gain one by a slim margin.  This year we decided to offer a small limited run using these lower output germaniums, and the BluesFuzz was born.....more
After introducing the popular TightMetal Pro™ and BigRock Pro distortion pedals in 2013/14, Amptweaker™ started working on the 2 button version of our popular TightDrive™.  With its included Fat and Smooth switches, the TightDrive Pro™ can get all the familiar tones from our popular TightDrive pedal, and with the Gain switch turned OFF, transparent overdrive tones are....more
NOW SHIPPING!! After introducing the popular TightMetal Pro™ distortion pedal in 2013, Amptweaker™ immediately received many requests for a two button Rock distortion.  With its included Fat and Smooth switches, the BigRock Pro™ can get all the familiar tones from our popular TightRock and FatRock pedals, and many more. Unlike most distortion pedals with boost, the BigRock Pro....more

Since introducing the popular TightMetal™ distortion pedal in 2011, Amptweaker™ has received many requests for a two button version.  Unlike most distortion pedals with boost, the TightMetal Pro includes 2 Boost knobs, one before and one after the it’s easy to boost the gain AND volume, for the perfect solo tone.  There’s also a Midboost....more

Since its introduction, the TightRock has been very popular, but as usual Amptweaker received many requests for a variation.....the new FatRock is the culmination of discussions on online forums, from players who wanted a warmer version that worked better with brighter guitars and amps. All features are identical to the TightRock, but the tone has been tweaked to extend ....more

After introducing the new TightFuzz for guitar, we had many bass players requesting a version for it is!  The Bass TightFuzz has all the same vintage tones as the TightFuzz, re-tweaked for bass guitar by moving the Tight, Edge and Tone down an octave, and also includes our popular Dry Low knob which lets you add some dry lowend to blend....more

The new TightFuzz was requested by Amptweaker™ players, and this one will certainly add some vintage tone to their arsenal. While most vintage fuzz boxes have very few controls, the TightFuzz includes a Tone control to tame the fuzzy edges and the Tight control, a mainstay of Amptweaker pedals.....more

The SwirlPool Tremolo/Vibe pedal is Amptweaker’s first dive into non-distortion pedals, and was the most commonly requested pedal by consumers on Amptweaker’s website. Reminiscent of the synchronized Tremolo and Vibrato circuits common in some vintage 60’s amps, this analog.....more

The TightRock distortion pedal was the result of consumers asking for a pedal in between the TightMetal and the TightDrive pedals.  It includes an EQ switch, Gain Boost switch, and a built-in noise gate. There's also a new idea from some consumers for the SideTrak, which is an effects loop that works when the pedal is OFF!  .....more

The high-gain TightMetal distortion pedal is a response to consumers and artists asking for a high gain pedal that had the same Tight control capability.  Mark Kloeppel from the Deathgrind band Misery Index helped define the distortion tone, and helped come up with the idea for a built-in noise gate that really STOPS the notes in their tracks. ....more

The TightBoost pedal is a consumer-requested lower gain higher output version of the TightDrive, which features the TIGHT control and a new Mid-Boost that gradually blends in a Parked-Wah tone.  There's also a switch included that selects two different Wah frequencies, and using this you can easily dial in many popular lead tones ....more TightDrive pedal TightDrive pedal

The TightDrive overdrive pedal is the first Amptweaker gain pedal that features the TIGHT control. This allow the guitarist to tweak the amp's attack, while adding gain or boost to the signal. With the ability to dial in varying amounts of crunch, it can manage barely clean rhythm tones, all the way up to seriously overdriving your tube amp for tight chunky lead tones ....more Bass TightDrive pedal Bass TightDrive pedal

The Bass TightDrive overdrive is now available with an optional Lowend MOD, which includes an addional knob to blend in dry lowend.  The standard Bass TightDrive has extended low frequency range on the Tone and Tight controls, so bassists can tweak their amp's tone for anything from a fatter clean tone to a more aggressive attack ....more


If you would like to participate in the development of new Amptweaker products, please use the Product Ideas button to get to the form. Even if you think your idea is wacky and nobody else would want might be surprised. Very often several ideas can be combined to create one really awesome product that meets more people's needs. --JB



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