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2010 Nashville Amp Expo Highlights

Amptweaker Introduces TightBoost™ at Nashville Amp Expo August 21/22, 2010

The Nashville Amp Expo was a great event for Amptweaker, and we had a lot of traffic through the booth.  My wife Phyllis, daughter Kimberly and her husband Matt helped design, build and operate our booth.  I just weedled and showed off my pedals!

Here are some pictures from the event, where we not only showed off the TightDrive and Bass TightDrive overdrive pedals, but also introduced the TightBoost pedal.  Many local musicians helped us make decisions on the 'parked wah' frequencies so now I can finish that pedal.....just gotta add a switch to select the frequency and it's done.

Local Nashville cat gives the TightDrive a test run

Nashville's Fred Newell tests the TightDrive

Amp Tweakettes

TightBoost demo

Restless Heart's Greg Jennings

Bass players dig it too!

Star of the show.....thanks to all who helped dial in the TightBoost Parked-Wah frequencies!

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