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Introducing the TightBoost Pedal

Thanks to all who attended the Nashville Amp Expo and helped me finalize the new TightBoost pedal!

With the success of the TightDrive™ and Bass TightDrive™ overdrive pedals, more and more people have made suggestions for other gain pedals.  The new TightBoost™ pedal is one such variation, and provides a cleaner boost with more output level and much less distortion.  And while most 'clean boost' pedals have no method for preventing unwanted distortion, the TightBoost pedal uses the same distortion methods as the TightDrive, so when driven hard it has a nice sounding, warm and tube-like breakup.

Another requested feature was to make a pedal that provides the tone of a parked wah pedal.  Since many people use a wah pedal for boosting their amps, it seemed like a logical addition to this new booster.  This is implemented by using the Mid EQ control, which gradually becomes a higher Q/more peaky mid boost and gradually blends in this wah sound.......but without removing the high end you typically hear in a regular wah pedal.  By using the High and Tight controls, you can further dial in the pedal's ability to get different amounts of wah.

After showing the pedal to Nashville area musicians, we were able to settle on some Wah frequencies which will be available via a newly added switch.

All other features from the TightDrive remain intact, such as the Effects Loop with its Pre/Post switch, the LEDs illumination of the controls, and the Battery On/Off switch.

Here's the revised Mid Boost with the Parked-Wah and the newly added switch to select two Wah positions. 

In order to facilitate consumer feedback on this new model, Amptweaker gathered ideas for finalizing this pedal at the Nashville Amp Expo.  The result is we're adding a switch to select different Parked-Wah frequencies which was requested by local musicians.  The show was held in the Hyatt Place hotel in Brentwood, TN, and each manufacturer had their own suite to provide a place to test out the products at the volume they're designed for!  Here's a link to the event, so make sure and come out next year:

Thanks to all who came by to chunk through the TightDrive and Bass TightDrive pedals through a variety of amps, and who gave us your 'feedback' on this new pedal.

         thanks a lot,

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