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Bo Lueders - Guitarist with Harm's Way


Guitarist Bo Lueders and Chicago hardcore band Harm's Way have been a worldwide force since they began in 2006.  Their band started as a side project, just for fun, playing super-fast powerviolence songs, and eventually moved into a darker death metal direction. 

Their 2015 release, Rust, was met with positive reviews, including this write-up by Chris Hidden with Rock Sound: "This new record finds them in formidable form, with the likes of 'Amongst The Rust' and 'Cancerous Ways' blending the down-tuned riff attack of nu metal with groove-led thrash and the crushing intensity of hardcore to produce a sound that references everyone from Sepultura to Trapped Under Ice."

Bo had this to say after touring with the Amptweaker TightMetal Pro:

"At James' suggestion, I went with a Tightmetal Pro and all I can say is that I love this pedal. There is so much EQ versatility at your fingertips, you can really carve out a sound for yourself. The added features on the TMPro are a huge plus for me and I can't say enough about the built-in noise gate. I look forward to creating with this piece. It's just a pedal you need to sit and play with. Period."  --Bo Lueders

Their music blends a driving metal attack with industrial and hardcore sounds, and are 
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