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Chris Buono- TrueFire Artist, Author and Karsh Kale Guitarist

"The TDP is the answer to an overdrive pedal dilemma I've had for years. I've needed a great sounding solution for compact rigs with gain and volume boost options. I've been looking for a pedal that gives me light clipping with the ability to go full blast when needed, which is almost always! The TDP gives me all that and WAY more with its unique dual effects loops and SideTrak options. Top all that with a delicious mid-boost on the gain boost stage and I have an incredible sounding pedal that acts as a controller for the entire setup. AMAZING!"  --Chris Buono 

Chris Buono has been called many things: arcane improviser, sound diabolist, fearless composer, content junkie, video stunt guitarist, crazed educator and the list goes on.

If you're looking for simpler terms you can go with recording artist (Lava/Atlantic, Lion Music, RKM/Kindred and more), sideman (Karsh Kale, Bumblefoot, Graham Haynes and many more), educator (TrueFire, Berklee College of Music), music journalist/columnist (Guitar Player, Guitar One, Just Jazz Guitar to name a few), and author (Hal Leonard, Alfred, Cengage Learning). 

Call him what you want, but one thing is certain this cat is bad-ass and busy. Not to be tied down to any one identity for too long, Chris Buono is perpetually morphing his chameleon-like media profile making it nearly impossible to pigeon-hole his artistic output into a singular category. With a guitar in hand and a slew of gadgets within arms reach(including the TightDrive Pro), Chris Buono infiltrates the modern world of guitar from all directions and shows no signs of slowing down.

 On tour and in the studio with:

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