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Justin Hasting- Guitarist With Zoogma

" The Tight Rock is a no BS distortion pedal that's got everything I need and nothing I don't. The noise gate allows me to use my single-coil guitars with as much gain as I want with minimal noise, and it doesn't kill the tone! This thing really rips, thanks James! "  --Justin Hasting

Zoogma combines the sonic diversity and precision of a DJ with the excitement and immediacy of a four piece rock group. Known for their energetic performances and retina pleasing light show, the band consistently dishes out heavy-weight beat-driven dance parties across the nation. Sets are kinetic, combining live improvisation with carefully crafted beats and melodic textures. 


Evolving in Oxford, MS, Zoogma’s sound is an eclectic fusion of Electronica, Rock, Jazz, Dub, and Hip-Hop. This blend of genres results in a musical experience that appeals to a range of audiences, with a sound that is refreshingly original yet steeped in the dance music tradition. With the release of their debut album, Recreational Vehicles, along with a relentless tour schedule, the four members have already added their unique voice to the live electronic-rock scene.

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