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ORDER your Amptweaker T-Shirt NOW!!

The voting's over, and here's the winner!

Well, it was a lot of fun, and we had a TON of people's the winner (designed by Todd Casey, and the first consumer-designed Amptweaker TShirt, available to Pre-Order by clicking below.  We need to order them around Dec 10th to get them out before Christmas.

To Order a T-Shirt, click on the links below to email us (be sure to mention the size you need in the email).  Our T-Shirts are 100% US made from US grown cotton and thread, and screenprinted in the USA!

$25 shipped free in the US
($30 for 2XL, 3XL)

(+$6 shipping Canada/Mexico, +$11 shipping other countries)


OK, after 2 weeks of tshirt entries, we've picked the top 4 finalists and here they are.  We got a lot of really cool and unique ideas, so it was certainly tough to whittle those down to only 4, but that's the nature of contests.  I'm sure we'll do some more later on.  A lot of people did make suggestions for alternate front designs, but for now we're going to stick with the small breast logo on the front.  Anyway, the people who sent in the rear designs below are all getting 2 shirts made of their own design, and now let's vote for the final design that goes into production!  The winner of the production shirt idea gets a pedal of their choice, in addition to the 2 shirts.

Please vote only once....
NOTE: these are rear art designs,
Front will have a small logo as shown at the bottom left on this page. 

1-Please vote only once for the shirt you like the best
2-To vote, just click on the tshirt you like, or the link underneath, and an email will be sent back to us saying which you like.
3-Bogus email entries will be discarded.  I've already gotten some bounce-backs, so these votes won't count.
4-Be sure to say if you'd like to buy a shirt, and we'll email you back in early December to get your size etc.  

thanks to all who participate, this was fun!
Over the last couple of years, we've gotten many requests for Amptweaker T-Shirts, and really just haven't had time to do anything about it.  We considered various ideas for shirts, and decided that it would be fun to get Amptweaker fans out there to make up their own t-shirt ideas, and then let everybody vote on them.  So here we go:

Below are links to some simple templates to use for the t-shirt, and for now we're going to start with 1 shirt, white ink on a black tshirt, just to keep it simple.  If we get a ton of requests for other colors, then we'll obviously add some, just like we add switches to pedals when enough people suggest it.  The front of the shirt will have a small Amptweaker logo on one side, and the image you'll be designing will be for the back.  Use whatever software you have, or you can even print the template and just draw or paint on it, and scan or photograph it with your phone, whatever it takes!  If you don't have a way to draw white on this black image, you can download the regular white one, and we'll reverse it when it comes in.

Black Template PDFBlack Template JPGWhite template PDFWhite template JPG
  1. Email your single color (no gray-scale or colors) design to the email shown above, only 1 entry per person.  JPG, PNG, PDF, anything
  2. On Nov 16, we will post the finalists, which will likely be about 4 shirt designs (depending on the participation we get)
  3. Each person who we pick as a finalist will receive 2 free shirts made with their design,
  4. Everybody starts voting on Nov 16 for the shirt we'll make in production.  Vote only once.
  5. On Nov 30, the one with the highest vote total will win the contest and will receive their choice of any stock Amptweaker pedal we offer
  6. Everybody else gets to buy a cool shirt that we'll get made in time for Christmas.
We are going to be using 100% cotton t-shirts that are made in the USA using US grown cotton, US assembly labor and screenprinted in the US too.

Please don't design anything offensive, or use other companys' trademarked items in the design.  We will also reserve the right to tweak the art some if necessary to make it work better for the screening process.

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