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TightDrive Reviewed by Gem City ToneFest crowd in Dayton, OH

WHEN: Saturday March 27th 10AM - 10PM

Well last weekend was the Gem City ToneFest in Dayton, OH.  A bunch of guys from the GearPage Forum put together the event to share tones, sell amps/guitars/pedals, and just meet some of the people they 'talk' to every day on the forums.

Amptweaker was one of the sponsors of the event, and it was our first opportunity to demo and sell some of the TightDrive pedals.  I also gave some guys a spin on the Kustom Double Cross and Coupe amps, and used a 5150 for the demo as well.

The event was a lot of fun, and we worked hard to get the word out about the TightDrive and to show different ways it could be used to 'tweak' your amp's tone.  Afterward, a few guys popped up on to post their opinions of the pedal:

Here are some pictures from the event:
James & Phyllis Brown getting ready to demo.....

Demoing the Amptweaker TightDrive



Studio full of boutique amps
Squeezing the TightDrive onto the pedalboard


Links to the event....plan for next time!

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