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Product Suggestions

I really appreciate the fact that you’re so into good tone that you’ve entered this page to help me create some really cool products. Obviously every idea has some merit, and many people will make the same or similar suggestions. Remember that any ideas you put here will become property of Amptweaker, LLC. so if you really think it’s a big money-maker, you might want to call some bigshot company about it.

Also, please keep an open mind when you see products come out from Amptweaker that are similar to your idea but with changes, since I will be combining things I hear a lot with other really unique concepts and some ideas of my own.

I believe the bottom line will be some products that we can all be proud to have been a part of.

Please fill out the form below, to whatever level you feel comfortable with. Be as specific or vague as you'd like. I’d prefer knowing where you are from just to get an idea where a lot of people respond, but that’s up to you. I promise not to fill your SPAM filters or your mailbox at home with marketing junkmail.

Thanks for your advice,

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